Arsenic Quick Test Kits

While this site deals mainly with products designed to test for the presence of dissolved arsenic in drinking water, health officials and water professionals suggest testing for a lot more than just arsenic.

Other suggested water parameters for testing include, but are not limited to, chlorine, bacteria, lead, copper, iron, hardness, manganese, etc. Below you will find the most recent postings on the Water Testing Blog, a site dedicated to providing useful information about water quality and water quality testing.

-- There are lots of types of filters out there that you can buy and surprisingly we get the most questions about inline water filters, sometimes written as in-line water filters, because people have the misconception that inline means 'reall...... 09/18/2019 | read more here
  -- We think this broke some kind of record.  In a matter of MINUTES after we posted our most recent article about scary floaters in drinking water and how to get rid of them, we had someone reach out and ask a different question related to the sam...... 09/06/2019 | read more here
  -- Are you afraid of the dark...... floating things in your drinking water? You probably SHOULD be!Unlike a young child around a swimming pool or other body of water...... safe, clean drinking water ought not have floaties of ANY color, now that we think ...... 09/06/2019 | read more here
  -- In today's post we would like to introduce you to a company that offers testing for PFAS in drinking water and promises roughly a 2-week turnaround time for testing... plus free shipping of the kit to customers and of customers' water samples to the...... 08/02/2019 | read more here
  -- Sometimes news coverage does not quite cover the extent of some water quality issues in the United States.  One water quality problem affecting a lot more Americans that many of us suspect is a little radioactive devil named Radium. Why shoul...... 07/23/2019 | read more here


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