Arsenic Quick Test Kits

By request, we have asked the manufacturer of the Arsenic Quick™ test kits (Industrial Test Systems, Inc.) to provide us with the name and testing specifications of their most popular arsenic test kit for drinking water.

Arsenic Quick: Mini Test Kit w/ 2 Tests
Arsenic Quick: 2 Tests

Arsenic Quick Test Kit w/ 100 Tests
Arsenic Quick: 100 Tests

In the words of the folks responsible for creating and developing the technology behind the Arsenic Quick™ test kits,

"Industrial Test Systems, Inc. features an array of Arsenic Quick™ tests that provide accurate results at affordable prices. Designed using cutting-edge chemistry, our kits report results in as few as 12 minutes and detect from 0.3 ppb. Our patented test kits are used worldwide and recommended by numerous states. Performance and accuracy of these kits have been verifed by the USEPA through the ETV program ( These easy-to-use kits require no technical training and are recognized throughout the world as premium inorganic Arsenic field test kits. We invite you to see why the Quick™ line of Arsenic test kits from ITS are recognized throughout the world as premium arsenic field test kits." ( source )

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Arsenic in Water Test Kit <0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, >20, >30, > 50 ppb (481301-5) 5 Tests, Results in 12 Minutes
Arsenic Low Range Quick II: 5 Tests


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