Arsenic Quick Test Kits

The first step towards properly removing dissolved arsenic in water involves understanding the nature of arsenic, how it gets into drinking water supplies, and the correct means by which one can remove it from their water supply.

The information below will help you to make educated, informed decisions when it comes to diagnosing and correcting issues involving arseinc in drinking water.

Yes. Arsenic and phosphate easily substitute for one another chemically and since many fertilizers use phosphates, the probability that some lower grades of fertilizers may have contained arsenic at one time or another does exist.

On January 23, 2006 the United States Environmental Protection Agency lowered the maximum contaminant level for arsenic in drinking water to 0.010 ppm (parts per million) which equates to 10 ppb (parts per billion). Public water systems must test for the presence of arsenic in in the water they distribute and if they find concentrations greater than 10 ppb they must take corrective actions and notify their customers of the problem.

Keep in mind that no laws or rules exist to mandate the testing of water taken from private wells so the responsibility for arsenic levels in private wells falls squarely on the shoulders of individual well owners.

The Arsenic Quick™ line of test kits can only test for free dissolved arsenic in water in the As+3 and As+5 forms -- and therefore does not test for total arsenic which takes into account arsenic molecules complexed with other compounds (often referred to as organic arsenic).

Testing for total arsenic typically involves the use of advanced analytical techniques such as acid digestion and takes place in a laboratory setting.

Definitely! The USEPA has determined that ingesting arsenic in too high a quantity can make a person very ill and possibly even cause death. Throughout history, and possibly even in some countries today, you can find arsenic listed as an ingredient in mouse and rat poison. Additionally, the USEPA classifies arsenic as a carcinogenic compound.


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